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Entrustment and Liquidation Center (infath) defines an evaluator as a firm that has qualifications, ability and experience to carry out the evaluation process to the Center and its clients in a specialized, objective and unbiased manner. Evaluation of an asset depends on many specifications including nature, purpose, use, scope of work, and organizational requirements. Evaluators must have a license in the field of the targeted assets. There are four types of assets: (real estate, machinery and equipment, vehicles and vehicles accidents, and economic establishments). The evaluator also provides services of evaluation of settlement results that requires a verification of detailed accounts operations and reviewing the evaluation outcomes and their logic, then choose or determine the final estimate of the value. 
In the event that the item does not belong to one of the licensed specializations, the evaluator does the evaluation in accordance with his\her practical experience without depending on the license requirement.
This cooperation between the service provider and the Center contributes to the development of the evaluation sector in all its fields. It also opens opportunities for new fields of evaluation, in addition to developing and improving the performance of the private sector and providing job opportunities that support the achievement of national economic development objectives.
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The Center will adhere to the standards approved by the official authorities for service providers, provided that the evaluator must have certificate from Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (except specializations that are not independently licenses).

You can utilize and develop your professional expertise as a service provider by registering with us through the service provider’s registration page